Our electrical trade capabilities are extensive to say the least. We've been completing an array of projects, like the ones listed below, for the past 30 years.


Project Type: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation

Contractor / Customer: AECOM

Owner: Beaumont Unified School District

This was a carport type solar PV project. The carports were installed in the parking area of the school and solar panels were applied to the top. We also utilized a boring technique under the parking lot to minimize the impact of trenches in order to install our underground conduit system.

Key Success Factors:

This project was a success due to many variables, most notably the extensive pre-planning we did in order to combat an occupied school. It was decided that underground boring would cause the least disturbance to the faculty and students. Therefore, boring under the parking lot was performed; one bore was over 750 feet and another was over 650 feet long.

The boring process vs. the “usual” trenching process allowed for the normal every day operation of the school without all of the open trenches and removal of the eco-friendly landscaping.  By running 90 % of the conduit underground, under the parking lot, this not only created a clean and efficient project, but it also kept the project within budget.


Project Type: Electrical Remodel | Upgrade, Campus-Wide

Contractor / Customer: West Coast Air Conditioning, Inc.

Owner: Los Alamitos School District

We faced considerable challenges and complications as our objective was to complete a campus-wide electrical remodel while school was still in session. Keeping the school in operation required the construction team to work with the school administration closely in order to move the students into temporary facilities at the campus, remodel the vacated building, move the students and staff back in, then move onto the next building.

Key Success Factors:

This project was a success due to the pre-construction planning of each phase along with project management and thorough communication with the owner, general contractor, our subcontractors, and all other trades involved in the project.


Project Type: Auxiliary Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Yard

Contractor / Customer: West Coast Air Conditioning, Inc.

Owner: Los Alamitos Unified School District

This project involved 2 new buildings, 4 remodeled buildings, and a new Compressed Natural Gas Facility. It required highly skilled and trained electricians to understand and properly install the electrical systems and equipment due to the explosive and volatile nature of the Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility.

Key Success Factors:

This project was a success due to the planning and coordination with the school district, local utilities, and other 3rd party trades in addition to planning for long lead times on procurement items and receiving them in a timely manner. Our field team had great support from upper management and our employees were diligent and professional in their craft.


Project Type: Expansion & Upgrade

Contractor / Customer: BNB Builders | Siemens

Owner: Illumina

Illumina is the highest valued biotech company in San Diego.  Building 6 will be used to enlarge its manufacturing operations, to make supplies for its array of DNA sequencing devices.  The expansion will enable Illumina to add about 300 manufacturing employees.

Key Success Factors:

The project involved providing the HVAC controls installation for Siemens Industries on multiple Air Handling Units, approximately 200 VAV boxes, strobic exhaust fans, boilers and pumps.  The owner had an extremely demanding schedule with a cramped jobsite of multiple trades working in the same areas.  Our highly trained and efficient technicians were able to be put out a high quality project, on time, within budget and had zero safety incidents.  Another job well done!


Project Type: XO Communications Datacenter 500 KVA UPS Install

Contractor / Customer: Precise Power Service Corp

Owner: XO Communications

This project scope was to upgrade their old UPS system to a new 500 KVA UPS.

This is one of many projects we have performed at the San Diego location. While most of the projects we preform are direct to XO communications, this project was contracted through Precise Power Service Corp. Along with the physical install of the equipment there was a successful electrical cut over from their old system to the new. This took a lot of coordination, approved method of procedures by XO Communications and hard work with time constraints.

This was just one of the many maintenance and upgrade projects with XO Communication. With the great relationship and successful projects, we are proud to be a preferred electrical contractor for XO Communications here in Southern California.


Project Type: Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) – Task Order #1; Bldg 463, 379 & Compressed Air Work

Contractor / Customer: AECOM | Jackson & Blanc

Owner: Federal Government Naval Air Station North Island

As part of an ESPC project many of the mechanical systems at Building 463 which are nearing the end of their useful life will be replaced.  Building 379 is an existing manufacturing building which will house a new Calibration Lab which will be built as a part of the ESPC project.  The compressed air portion of the project is to provide new high efficiency compressed air plants at multiple building which would then be designed and installed to support the building end use needs.

Key Success Factors:

The complexity and quantity of work carried out in the available time frame presented challenges requiring meticulous planning and deployment of adequate resources to accomplish the tasks successfully. Luckily we had a team of highly trained managers, multiple foremen and journeymen to drive the project.  Furthermore, the positive attitudes on the project created a team work atmosphere to ensure the success of the project.


Project Type: Expansion & Upgrade

Contractor / Customer: DPR Construction | Newmatic Engineering

Owner: Eli Lilly

Located in the heart of La Jolla among other Biotech giants, Eli Lilly decided to greatly expand its research center so it can strengthen its already deep collaborations with UCSD and the region’s biomedical institutes.  Its local work force will grow to 330 from 200, mostly through the addition of scientists who work on autoimmune disorders and other afflictions.

Key Success Factors:

The project involved providing the Phoenix Fume Hood Controls installation for Newmatic Engineering on 156 supply valves, 170 general exhaust valves, and 89 fume hoods. Newmatic Engineering has been a great partner throughout the many years and as a team this is just one of many successful projects we have completed with them on a tight time line.


Project Type: CSS building 31/B is a research and development center for CSS/Johnson & Johnson

Contractor / Customer: Unispace

Owner: Johnson & Johnson | Irvine Company

This facility is a free-lance / open office environment where you come to work and chose the area that best suits you.  There are several general working areas for office personnel. Three conference rooms, a beautiful kitchen area with café style seating.

Key Success Factors:

The project involved remodeling an existing J&J facility. Power included all new receptacles, lighting, furniture feeds & floor boxes that feed both power and communications along with over 150 lockers with power and data. Also this facility has accent lighting and a state of the art LED lighting and lighting control system that exceeded all title 24 requirements.



Project Type: Bloom Energy 500KW Fuel Cell Installation

Contractor / Customer: Rubicon Professional Services, LLC

Owner: Johnson & Johnson

Sustainability supports innovation across Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and drives value. J&J has set ambitious goals to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 20% by 2020 as well as deploy 50 MW of on-site renewable and clean-technology energy capacity. Advanced Sterilization Products, a division of Ethicon, Inc. (ASP) is the first J&J franchise to partner with Bloom Energy

Key Success Factors:

The 500 kW Bloom Energy Servers installed with uninterruptible power modules (UPMs) will provide 25% of the ASP daily energy consumption and generate an estimated $10 million over the 20 year life of the project. Not only does the project represent a 22% reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to the electric grid currently in use in Irvine, but it also offers increased electrical reliability and improved energy security.



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